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Our 80% lower receivers are machined by skilled professionals in a precision machine shop environment in upstate South Carolina.

We mass produce nothing.

Hours of sweat, patience, and concentration that go into producing unique, premium-quality products means one thing: true craftsmanship. And for us, nothing is more satisfying than designing a one-of-a-kind rifle and bringing it to life. (Well, maybe a few things.)

Make a statement.

And, we don’t mean a fashion statement on Instagram… You won’t find flashy colors, decorations, or unnecessary excessive machine work here. We’re all business. Sure our weapon systems look cool, but not because we tried too hard. Every PSD weapon system us engineered to “just work” when you need it most.  When the fight is over, no one will remember who shot what or how cool it might have looked, they will only remember who lived. Fight with PSD, win the fight. 

Our Promise.

Each product that leaves our facility wears the PSD Rifleworks badge – it meets our exacting standards and nothing less. Because PSD Rifleworks products are not just “gear,” they’re a statement: “I will not compromise, ever.”